Sunday, March 30, 2008

Road Trip

Montnomah Falls, Oregon
We went on a big road trip and saw this waterfall and lots of smaller ones on the way and near this one. There is a bridge part way up where Erik, Cara, and I stood while Alyson and Grumpy took a picture of us. It is a little fuzzy but you can see me waving!
We met with all kinds of weather on our trip. We drove through the hail and rain on Thursday on the way to Oregon. We drove through rain, sleet, and snow on Friday on our way home. This picture shows the snow. One car was in the ditch and we stopped to help but they were on cell phones and did not need help. We were safe. Erik drove slowly and carefully. Alyson traveled like a little trooper. I took this picture of her while she was looking at and talking to her mom.

We had our snacks and Alyson had snacks of her own. I packed her cookies for her. She loves the banana cookies! Alyson was such a good girl that it was easy to enjoy the trip.

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